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BMW 325i E90 218hp Performance Package

About Performance Packages

A car Performance Package is a specially fine tuned remap plus one or more performance parts. This package is developed as a set and therefor differently tuned than a normal remap. This way you get more performance from the product in that specific package. Our Performance Packages make your car perform much better. See Remapping charts below for this BMW 325i E90 218hp.

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Car tuning/styling product: Performance Package BMW 325i N53

Dyno sheets
Performance Package BMW 325i N53, This spectacular performance package is available for the 3.0L N53 engineThis engine is found in the 325i from 2008. This performance package comes with a variable length intake manifold, and a special ECU remap that releases the hidden power of your 325i, with 218hp and 270Nm, to 330i specifications,272hp and 320Nm!!
In the dyno sheet you can see that the tuned line is less flat than the original. This is the variable length intake that is opening the first valve around 3250 rpm and the second valve around 4500 rpm, changing pulsation exactly like the stock 330i. In the car this feels actually positive, as the engine has more character building his power more aggressive in the rpm range that you use most. So your car is getting more exciting to drive!

Installation 198,- Pounds incl. Tax

Optional: iMoss give you the power to flash your car with our files, and return to stock any time you want
Specifications & pricing Standard MM Remapping Difference
Engine power (Kw) 160Kw 200Kw 40Kw
Power (hp) 218hp 272hp 54hp
Torque 270Nm 320Nm 50Nm
Max. Torque @ 2400rpm 2750rpm 350rpm
Topspeed km/h km/h 0km/h
Fuel consumption city l/100km l/100km 0l/100km
Fuel consumption highway l/100km l/100km 0l/100km
Fuel consumption combination l/100km l/100km 0l/100km
Mosselman remapping, performance & economic (including tax)

Optional Installation
198 Pound

1299 Pound

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Features & options Standard Price
Producer warranty coverage for 2 years
Extended 1 year warranty (atmosferish engines)
Extended 1 year warranty (turbo engines)
Installation time 1 day, or 1,5 hours on request